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Internet radio can deliver really high quality sound. It can't if you listen through those wimpy speakers that come with computers.

For very little money you can add a basic speaker system to your computer that will sound quite good. You might find speaker systems at a place like Office Max or Wal Mart. The prices run from as little as $10 to around $60. We've found nice ones that we use that we only paid $39.95

You can free yourself from having to be by the computer several ways. One easy way is to buy a "stereo minijack to RCA phono jack pair" adapter and a length of stereo cable to run from your computer to your stereo receiver's auxiliary (aux) port "in" or any unused port. You'll have the cleanest sound ever coming through your stereo. Very inexpensive for massive improvement in audio quality and personal flexibility.

For around $90 you can get a tiny FM transmitter to plug into your computer and broadcast in wonderful FM sound quality throughout your home or studio. The Gulch could be in any room that has an FM radio, soundin' great. You'd be free from the computer. Here at the Gulch we us one called Whole House FM Transmitter. It's range is very good, easily covering a 3,000 square foot house in great stereo sound. If you wish to buy one, you can order one from this page. We'll get a percentage, you'll get great sound and you'll be supporting GulchRadio.

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Or, you can buy an internet "wifi" radio that works just like an ordinary radio as long as there is wireless dsl service available with 300 feet or so of the radio. You tune it to your favorite station, many have presets that you can set to your favorite station, assuredly the Gulch. If you have wireless dsl in your home or studio, you don't need to be connected to a computer at all. There are more than 6,500 internet radio stations streaming on line. You'll probably find several stations that you like. Internet radios cost about $250 dollars.

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