If you would like to help…

Internet stream, music royalties, electricity and special programs cost money – if you’d like to lend a hand.

Thank you.

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If you would like to help… — 14 Comments

  1. Really dig the music!!! Im a semi retired generator/electrical tech. One of my old employers had a station in Williams I got to help on.If there is anything I can help with ,just let me know.. Live in Clarkdale

  2. Just found your station. I’m liking it a lot.
    I just moved with my wife from WI to AZ. Her family is from Sedona. Way back in the 70’s.
    I have been a radio volunteer since the mid 80’s. Done everything from reception to librarian, janitor, volunteer coordinating, fund raiser, DJ, data entry and administrator. Would Love to help out with ant tasks you need getting done.
    Andy Hartnett

  3. Hello from the bottom of the hill…

    Just a local AZ. resident of 37 yrs…moved to C-wood back in November and am hoping to work/live here for years to come.


    Where does a willing soul Buy a Bumper Sticker to tell everyone on the road how great your station is (?).

    If you have one/any I want to purchase one.

    Thank You for all the cool sounds (except Zappa) heheh
    sorry, cant stand his act.

    Keep Groovin’


  4. Discovered Gulch Radio on our honeymoon in Jerome. When we got home we found it could be streamed on line. We listen to it constantly in Philadelphia. Thank you!
    Kate Cowing
    Jon Hurdle

  5. I love your station! I am an artist in Prescott and listen as much as I can in my studio. I am friends with the great Mark Hemleben as well. The music that you pick is awesome!! Love it Thanks so much for being here! Dave

    • Hey Dave -thanks very much for the kind words. We really glad you like the tunes. And – thanks very much for the donation – it’s greatly appreciated.

      Thanks again for the note, the donation and listening.

      Ric and Chaz

      • Thanks so much for putting my link on your website! If you are ever in Prescott we have a gallery on Whiskey Row,stop in and say howdy! We are also starting a “Tiny Gallery Concert Series” after the Tiny Desk Series on NPR. It is on our art walk night here in Prescott the 4th Friday of every month and our first one is March 25 th from 6:00 -7:00.My friend Chris Fleming is kicking it off. It is at out tiny gallery .We love music so much that we decided to start this and help local musicians to play and sell their Cd’s if they have one! We even pay them $100.00 bucks! So if you know anyone there in Jerome let us know.We are booking for the coming months.Thanks, you guys are great! D

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