Hey Local Kids -
Here's an
exciting and nostalgic way to listen to The Gulch.

Remember AM Radio? GulchRadio can be heard in most parts of Jerome on AM radio at 1670 - almost all the way to the right on your radio.

The signal comes in very strong, but your radio will need an antenna which can be just a piece of wire attached to the back side of your radio to a terminal screw marked "AM Antenna."

If your radio is part of a stereo system, it probably came with a plastic square or circle with wire wrapped around it. That is your AM antenna - not FM. Connect it to the AM antenna terminal on the back of your stereo.

Our fabulous new AM Radio service comes in very clear in all of the Gulch, on the hogback and all along Main Street, up on Company Hill and the Verde Av/ Center Street neighborhoods and so forth. It has also been picked up very clearly in upper Clarkdale.

Most likely, you will not be able to receive the Gulch indoors, without an antenna. That antenna should be near a window facing south. If you are trying and can't get it to work, go outside to your car and turn the radio to AM and then tune to 1670 to verify if it's receivable.

If you have a problem, get ahold of us at GulchRadio - gulchradio@hotmail.com and we'll help you figure it out.

In some areas the signal may fade out at sundown.

Don't worry, you can still listen to GulchRadio on the net. gulchradio.com

If you need help building an antenna, follow the links below to several websites that explain and show you how to build great AM antennas.

We'll have an "Easy-To-Read" PDF file soon for your downloading convenience. But meanwhile... check out these sites for AM Antenna Instructions.

AM 1670 - Sixteen Seventy AM - AM 1670 - Sixteen Seventy AM - AM 1670

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